Wole was nothing close to an angel in fact he was a Yoruba demon; but sadly, those are the kind of guys that girls like me fall for. We unconsciously ignore the good guys that treat us so well while drooling over the ‘bad boys’ who always knew the right moves and whatever was in vogue.

So this is how it started, after I got admission into Uniben, same year with Tunde, my boyfriend at the time. I was allocated to a room in the hostel with older students. 2 of my roommates were in final year, and the other 2 were in the second year and third year. So I was the only jambite amongst them and I sometimes felt intimidated. My roommates attended a party every other night, and usually spent the next day gisting about how much fun they had at their parties while I sat on my bed struggling to read or rather pretending to read as I was usually eavesdropping on their conversation; and all the juicy gist…

One day, I visited Tunde in his off campus room to spend some time with him. We watched an interesting movie together, and I whispered to him that I was ready to have sex but instead of jumping right at it like most guys would, he turned down my offer by saying that he didn’t think I was ready…. I was so pissed! as I left his room after a short while. Weeks turned to months and Tunde and I scarcely saw each other in school. I got uninterested in him and conveniently avoided him.

At this time, I had gradually started to tag along with my roommates; and one day I eventually got a chance to attend a party with them. Afterwards, I joined them to every party, my school work started to suffer because I was either too busy planning for what to wear to a party or gisting about how the last party was the ‘bomb’. By my second year, I became so popular in school not just because of my good looks but also because I always brought ‘blood on the dance floor’. I became the party girl who was always handing out invites to other students. On one of such parties, I had a conversation with Wole who I had being admiring for some time now making me join the league of girls who drooled over him even though I tried hard enough to hide it so he doesn’t notice. Wole and I became friends and exchanged phone numbers. The next day, I told my roommates about Wole and how much I liked him. They teased me but advised me to ensure I use a condom if I was contemplating on going down with him. They also gave me another option of visiting my school’s health centre to meet with Dr Folake to help me in choosing a contraceptive method. They totally read my mind, I didn’t want to lose Wole and like most girls, I thought having sex with him would make him stay. Thankfully, I listened to my roommates and went to see Dr Folake.

Dr Folake was very warm towards me, initially I felt embarrassed and almost ran away but the young doctor was so open and free with me that I didn’t even know when I started gisting her about Wole. She told me about the various methods of contraceptives available and asked some questions before concluding that I was good for DKT Press-a 3 monthly injection that is low dose and has a small needle. She gave me the shot after giving me a rundown of what to expect while using this DKT Press. I was so relieved and now understood why my roommates and many students always preferred to consult Dr Folake instead of other doctors. She was smart, non- judgmental, open and friendly.

Wole and I hung out at his favorite spot .  He was such a gentleman; funny, soft spoken and the attribute I loved most- money spender. He was everything plus a smooth operator as I later found out. After enjoying some drinks, we moved to his house to spend the night. About an hour after we arrived at his house, one move led to another, next thing I found myself in his arms, kissing and touching. We eventually made out. I don’t even know if he used a condom, I was too carried away and inexperienced to even ask. Sex was a bit hurtful, and a bit fun…I slept off immediately after. The next morning, I woke up hearing voices from the sitting room, Wole badged into the bedroom and asked me to get up and get dressed because he was having guests over. He didn’t sound like my lover from last night at all… I was a bit confused but I obeyed immediately because he seemed quite serious. I could not even take my bath cos he was hurrying me up, I quickly dressed and left his house. Days passed and I didn’t get a single call from Wole, the times I tried calling, he either didn’t pick or picked and said he was busy or would call back of which he never did.

One month passed and my period didn’t show up, I bought a pregnancy test strip and it was negative but I was still not convinced. I rushed to the health center to see Dr Folake and got a blood test done. The wait was killing me and all kinds of thoughts filled my head as I kept praying. Dr Folake walked in smiling as she announced “The test was negative” which means that you are not pregnant. She explained to me that not seeing my period was part of the side effects of DKT Press and I had nothing to worry about, that she only did the test to help calm me down. At that point, I didn’t know if to smile or cry but I was very relieved to know that I was not pregnant especially for that smooth operator-Wole.

I am very thankful to  Dr Folake for hooking me up with DKT Press. Who knows? I would have been telling a different story by now. Single pregnant girl without a baby Daddy in sight at least, now you know why I called him a Yoruba demon. The sad part of this story is the fact that Wole disvirgining and dumping me spread like wildfire. It was quite embarrassing, but then I learnt my lesson and gave my attention to my studies and focussed. 2 weeks later, I received a call from Tunde on a Saturday morning, he came to my hostel to visit me and we became friends again. This time, Good friends 😊

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