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The past 2 months of my life have been awesome. My husband comes home early after work and we spend a lot of time together. We explore a new style every day and try character acting too. I never knew life could be this fun, with so much freedom to explore without any worries. I got the shot and I have no regrets whatsoever.


Before now, I barely enjoyed my life for fear of the unknown. Would it happen? Did he pull out quick enough? Did I take the EC fast enough? Would it work? Am I in my safe period or not? Did I count it well? Mehn!, all these thoughts, did not let me enjoy myself with my partner until I found freedom with a shot of DKT Press contraceptive injection. You see, le boo and I do not use condoms, we love to be truly intimate and had our tests done already. So we go natural skin-to-skin while hoping to pull out which sometimes does not go down well, so I end up using an emergency contraceptive. One of my close friends Sade, was a popular customer of emergency contraceptives just like me. Some months, when the period does not show up on time, we would be so worried and call each other to find out if there’s good news, LOL… All that drama stopped 2 months ago when I got the DKT PRESS injection. Sometimes I miss our drama, but I enjoy the peace that I experience now.


Sade introduced me to DKT Press contraceptive injection. She learned about it from her cousin who is a pharmacist. Before I got the contraceptive injection, I was a bit skeptical, and I decided to search on google to find answers to my questions. Would it hurt? Would I be able to conceive afterward? I got responses to all my questions on, a friendly site with a very interactive Facebook page. @honeyandbanana responded to all my questions and also referred me to a friendly clinic to get DKT Press contraceptive injection. The doctor explained what to expect after I get the shot, and also mentioned that it was best to take it while on my period, or I had to abstain or use a condom for 7days before the drug takes effect. Thankfully, boo was out of town for 2 weeks, so I took the injection. It did not hurt like most injections do but rather felt like a little pinch, I am guessing it is because it has such a small needle.


After 7 days elapsed, I felt super free, and could not wait for le boo to get back. I shopped for new underwear and got ready to blow his mind. Life has been fun since then, and we try new styles every day. I don’t get to see my period, but I am not worried because the doctor told me about it. He also told me that my period will return some weeks after I stop taking the injection. I am not ready to be pregnant this year or next year, so I am totally fine with DKT Press. I am happy because I can now experience true sexual pleasures and fulfill all my fantasies with le boo without worries. It is Hakuna Matata with DKT Press!


Visit to learn more about this 3 monthly contraceptive injection and also other contraceptive methods. Join the conversation on social media @honeyandbanana with the hashtag #BeSharp


Onyinye Ikeokwu

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