As I slowly opened my eyes, struggling to remember the turn of events from the previous night was almost impossible;  but on the alcohol intake, I could feel the impact through the banging headache I felt. As you would have guessed by now, i was hung over. Finally I stood up and strolled into my kitchen, and towards my garri bowl like a zombie. I had to eat something to remedy the situation. I also swallowed some paracetamol for the headache and off I went to have my bath.

Sitting on my bed still trying to make sense of everything, my phone rang. Hello, What’s up? You just bone me last night abi? Shey na because of that bobo? But girl, you bad o. who know sey after everything una go still follow am go, oya gist me na, wetin happen?

Ermmmm Aaaaaa, Abeg Chisom, make i call you back I hung up. Just then I had a flashback and i figured what she was referring to. How could I be so sloppy? I checked around for the dude I came home with but he was nowhere around. I sat on my bed as I tried to recall the turn of events from the previous night. I was at the club the previous night with my friends. The club was lit, I had a couple of drinks with my girls and there he was, a dashing god in human form. I could not control my gaze, as I noticed that he also had his eyes on me. I took more shots than usual and before the Dj would transit into the next song, I was up and rolling with my dashing prince. We dug the dance floor with astonishing moves that you would have mistaken us for atilogwu dancers. Before I knew it, we had advanced. From body rocking body to hand in private places, too fast for strangers who barely knew each other. And there we were at the hallway making out a little too much with no idea how we got to my place, ending up in my bed doing all the gymnastics i could imagine.

Nkechi, come and open the door joor… Anita had been knocking on the door for a while, she was my flat mate and had been out with I and Chisom last night so her gist sensor was switched on.

Hold on, I am coming.

Na wa o, but babe, chill. Is he still here?

No, I yelled, a bit irritated.

Why did it take so long to open then?

I was just lost in thought jare, no mind me

Wait a minute, did you use protection last night?

Ermmm.. Honestly, I am not sure I groaned

E be like sey you wan turn your penalty to throwing o, Abeg o, I am not ready to be Aunty Anita, I too young

I rolled my eyes at her and stared at the ceiling , thinking of what to do. How could I have had sex with a total stranger just like that? What if he has HIV or any STI? What if I get pregnant?

omo shayo na bastard , I wailed

Babe abeg help me with the biscuit wey dey my fridge.

Anita looked at me in pity as she helped me get biscuit from my fridge. I had the biscuit fast, and rushed to the nearest lab to get tested for all possible STIs.

Me: Hi, can I see you in private

Lab scientist: No one can hear us

Me: You see, I had too much to drink last night and I had sex with a total stranger. I am worried about all the consequences. Please can you help me.

The lab scientist stared at me without judging look on her face and began to educate me that it would take at least one week for any sexually transmitted disease to show up in my lab tests. She then advised me to quickly take POSTPILL emergency contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, and then return after a week for he STI test. Finally she gave me a stern advice to avoid unprotected sex and whatever would make me forget my brain like I did the previous night.

You can get POSTPILL at that pharmacy across the road, dont worry, you will be fine.

Those were her last words to me and I thanked her as I left for the pharmacy to buy POSTPILL. The day after I took the drug, I received a call on my phone. It was Akin, the stranger from the previous night, mehn, i did not even know we exchanged numbers (lol). He had also just realized that he didnt use a condom and was calling to find out my history with HIV and other STIs. I told him I was clean to my knowledge as he also claimed to be clean to his knowledge. I advised  him to go for lab tests like I would be doing next week then we had this uncomfortable silence strangers have. After his call I was calm; because thanks to POSTPILL, at least pregnancy had been ruled out and I only had to hope that Akin was as clean as he claimed.

POSTPILL is a one-dose thus more effective emergency contraceptive pill. It is your last chance to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex and can be used within 5 days. For best results, it is recommended that you take POSTPILL as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Visit to learn more about POSTPILL and other contraceptive options. Join the conversation on social media @honeyandbanana with the hashtag #BeSharp.



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