The need to look a certain way has become the norm because we are in times where facial and body features are held in high esteem.  The pressure to look curvy, plumpy, light- skinned, fat free is become alarming. The truth is you can look drop-dead gorgeous but if you don’t feel confident then it won’t count for much.

Whether our points of weakness are physical, emotional or intellectual, we all have that point where we feel inadequate. When we focus on these areas, our confidence level drops and we shrink back to our shells. Sometimes we try to compensate for this by overplaying our strength but does it make us feel better, I don’t think so.

True confidence grows naturally when we are comfortable in our own skin. When you are satisfied with your body image, personality, abilities and even limitations.


How does body confidence affect you?

A healthy body image is important to self-acceptance and self-worth. It keeps you mentally and emotionally stable. People with body confidence don’t worry about the way their bodies look, feel free to be themselves, voice their opinions and pursue their interests.

Also, it is a strong factor of sexual satisfaction. This is because if you are convinced you are unattractive, you might not fully enjoy the experience. You feel unworthy therefore focus more on satisfying your partner.


How can I improve my body confidence?

Body image exists only in our mind’s eye, and it changes with time. This is why we can feel ‘fatter’ few minutes after eating when in reality we don’t look any different. Accepting this is the first step in becoming more confident with your body. You could then try the following exercises to further improve your body confidence

  • Stay positive: Get familiar with your body, there’s nothing wrong with checking yourself out in the mirror after you’ve had a shower. Focus on what you like most about your body and why you like them. Acknowledging what you like about yourself will shift emphasis on what you don’t like.
  • Identify your ‘bad body’ triggers: The first step to solving a problem is admitting it. Acknowledge environments, situations and people that make you feel bad about yourself e.g. bumping into your ex and the new partner. Whatever the case might be, the best bet is overcoming them by practicing positive self-talk and in extreme cases avoiding those situations if possible.
  • Exercise: Instead of working out because you want to fix your flaws, exercise because it will help you love your body. Exercise makes you discover what your body can do, these positive discoveries can drown out negative opinions you may have about your appearance.
  • Don’t Compare: Embrace who you are, don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others. How you measure up against others simply makes no difference. Your goal shouldn’t be to be better than everybody in the planet but to be the best you can possibly be.

The more you feel good about yourself, the more life becomes easier because you worry less about what others think about you.

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