A Condom is a rubber (latex) covering worn over the penis to prevent pregnancy and STIs (double protection). The condom you buy is important to have assurance of quality thus we recommend these condom brands- Fiesta Premium condoms and Kiss condom

Condoms only work if they are good quality and you use them correctly. Condoms are super-effective (98% effective) if you use them correctly. If used incorrectly they are only about 82% effective (click here to learn how to wear a condom-embed video on site)

Fiesta Condom is a premium brand readily available in Nigeria. You can choose out of 12 different variants of colours, textures, flavours, thickness and sizes, so you can have a different and pleasurable experience everytime you have sex. This is the best way to experience the fun side to using condoms Just take a look at the slide show below


Condoms are great to use ‘cos they can prevent both pregnancy and STDs.-Double protection.


· Do you know that STDs can affect your genitals and reproductive system, in many unpleasant ways and even cause infertility? Some STDs (eg. Syphilis and HIV) can cause blindness or death?


· So why bother with all that, when you can simply use a condom. (Insert pic of a promotional shot of a brand of fiesta-eg. chocolate Feel
the fun)

if not properly stored before use. Store in a cool and dry place.

Always use water based lubricants, oil-based substances like Vaseline or lotion or hair oil, can damage the condom.

Yes they can.
As long as you are concerned about STI prevention and not just prevention of pregnancy, then using a condom is absolutely necessary. It is
very important for people with more than one partner.

No, Condoms aren’t only for vaginal sex.
STIs can be transmitted by oral sex, anal sex, and even sex toys. For anal sex, it’s important to use a condom along with plenty of extra
lubrication. For oral sex, there are lots of options of flavored condoms (insert promo photo of Fiesta strawberry).

Learn about 12 types of condoms

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