Makoko, a slum that is home to one of the largest low-income communities with half residents living on water and the other half on land. Makoko with over 250,000 population, is a dismal advertisement of a community lacking in basic social amenities like healthcare facilities and other basic infrastructure.

DKT International, Nigeria’s leading contraceptives provider, drives family planning awareness and provision through its community based distribution network, DKT Bees. DKT Bees operate in Makoko and bring family planning services very close to the women in their homes, business places, markets and communities.

A core objective of the DKT Bees program is to target communities located in the lowest socio-economic groups like Makoko, which represent 70% of the population.

DKT Bees like family planning foot soldiers, go from door-to-door in the community, counselling, educating and providing contraceptives to women, so these women can prevent unwanted pregnancies, become attractive mothers, live healthier and fulfilling lives, rest between child births and plan their family size. DKT Bees provide a variety of contraceptive choices such as Fiesta and Kiss condoms, Female Condoms, Postpill (EC), Levofem (OCP) and Sayana Press injection which they also administer.

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