Companies are winding up, schools are closing down, businesses are dying, thousands of people are retrenched from work monthly, and Nigerians are not smiling. The current economic situation in Nigeria is rubbing off on every facet of life of an average Nigerian. Everything that has a price attached to it is now three times its price some few months ago.

However, I am interested in a seemingly insignificant aspect of life of an average Nigerian, which is the sex life of Nigerians. The current crisis is in no doubt taking its toll on the sexual life of Nigerian citizens and this is happening in two ways. For some, it has made them resort to sex more frequently as their source of fulfillment and solace from the increasing troubles of the country while for the others, this recession has starved and declined the drive for sex to as infrequent as six times a month or even less.

For this recession, you should not be afraid to have sex, because it can relax you and make you forget about your troubles, but you need to be smart about it. Contraceptives have never been as useful and vital as it is now. This is unarguably not the time to give birth to a so-called ‘unwanted child’ or to pay more school fees or hospital fees. Nigerian government has no free welfare plan for the ‘wanted child’, not to speak of the “unwanted child”. As a solution, one of the ways I have discovered to avoid worries is a contraceptive called Sayana PressSayana Press can save you from the headache of unwanted pregnancy for as long as three months while having a fulfilled sexual life. When I remember how busy people are in Nigeria especially in Lagos, I am excited about Sayana Press. You don’t have to set daily alarms or reminders for daily contraceptives. Just one dose and for 3 months, you are on a jolly ride! Women can use it in secret, because it is an injection, so there is no sign or mark that you have taken it. What else can you ask for? Just visit your health provider to find out if it is right for you. A Dose of Sayana Press = freedom for three months!

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