If you are a busy person who doesn’t want to worry everyday about preventing pregnancy or child spacing, then Implanon or Jadelle are the methods for you. Implanon and Jadelle are two kinds of contraceptive Implant that can help women reliably prevent pregnancy for 3-5years.  The Implant is a tiny rod which looks just like a match stick. It is popularly called “ISHANA” in Yoruba ……It works by delaying or preventing the ovulation (the release of a woman’s egg) therefore preventing fertilization and pregnancy. The Implant is placed just below the skin of the upper arm, by a trained health care professional who could be a doctor or a nurse. After you get your Implant placed, no one will notice that you have it on and you can freely carry it around with confidence.

There have been some wrong speculations about the Implant so the below facts should clear the air on the myths and misconceptions you may have heard about. Below are 5 facts you should know.

Fact 1: The Contraceptive Implant (Jadelle or Implanon) does not move around the body

No it does not, not at all! The implant is placed just below the skin in the upper arm and it cannot move around the body. You can always check for the implant by feeling for it underneath your skin with your fingers.

Fact 2:   These Contraceptive Implants  will not make you fat

Weight changes associated with implant is quite insignificant.  A study shows that people on contraceptive implant gained or lost only 3kg in 3 years. This shows that the ability to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle are major determinants of weight gain or loss. Thus, if all these are properly checked, people using the implant usually do not gain or lose more weight than those who aren’t using the implant.

Fact 3 : Your Contraceptive Implant can be removed at anytime

Even though it lasts for 3years (Implanon)  to 5 years(Jadelle), you can choose to remove your implant whenever you like if you desire to get pregnant be it after 1 year or 2 years. Your doctor or nurse can have it removed in few minutes.

Fact 4: It will not make you bleed to death

Oh yes! How many people do you know that bled to death through the use of implant?  Of course,  none. It is just an exaggeration.  What you could experience is heavier menses but this doesn’t happen to everyone that uses an implant. Apart from heavy menses, some women may experience no menses at all (amenorrhea) while some others experience lighter menses. You can always visit your doctor for advice if you still feel your menses is too heavy.

Fact 5: Getting an implant will not hurt

Yes, because your doctor or nurse will use local anaesthesia (a medicine that will not make you feel pain in that spot) before placing the implant under your skin so it doesn’t hurt.  The whole process should not take more than 3 minutes, and you would have protected yourself from unwanted pregnancy for 3 to 5 years.

I am sure you are amazed with all these facts. So henceforth, do not pay attention to myths and ignorant talks on implant that you hear or read about on the internet.  Truth is, there are several ladies and women who are living their life happily with their implant but who haven’t told their stories online for others to read. You know what they say “bad news travel fast”.

The contraceptive implants (Jadelle and Implanon) are 99.9% effective, affordable, accessible and long term so you can focus on your career / business or nurture your youngest child for 2years or more before getting pregnant again. You can also follow @honeyandbanana  or join the conversation #BeSharp on social media


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