Frequently Asked Questions about Daily Pills

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    What is a daily contraceptive Pill?

    This is a low-dose combination of two hormones taken daily for 21 days to prevent pregnancy. It contains 21 active tablets and 7 Iron blood-building tablets. After taking the active tablets for 21 days you should start taking the 7 blood building tablets during which you will see your period. Some women may choose not to see their period and start a new pack immediately. An example of this medicine is Levofem

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    How does Daily contraceptive Pills like Levofem work?

    LEVOFEM contains oestrogen and progestogen hormones which stop the eggs from being released (ovulation), so there can be no fertilization by sperm.

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    How should you use or start Levofem?

    You can either start the pills on the first or second day of your menstrual period to be protected immediately OR You can start the pills on any other day in your cycle; provided you have not had unprotected sex or you have confirmed that you are not already pregnant. However if you do not start on the first day of your cycle, you will need to wait 7 days before you are protected. During those 7 days, use a condom, POSTPILL or abstain. Once you finish your pack, start a new pack immediately.

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    Some women may experience side effects while some will not. Common side effects to expect include impaired appetite, slight changes in body weight or libido, spotting between periods, nausea, headaches, breast tenderness and enlargement. These side effects are usually temporary and should disappear after the first few packs

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    What should you do if you vomit or have bad diarrhea after taking LEVOFEM?

    If you vomit or have bad diarrhea within 4 hours of taking a cream LEVOFEM tablet, take another tablet as soon as you feel better.

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    What should you expect after using Levofem?

    It depends which way you choose to take LEVOFEM. With the "period option" you will have a monthly bleed that is usually lighter and less crampy than your usual period, While, with the "no-period option'' you will not have any periods if you take an active pill every day. However, some women get bleeding and spotting at first. This usually settles with time, or you may need to have a seven-day break.

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    Can you still become pregnant after you stop taking Levofem?

    Your natural fertility will return as soon as you stop taking LEVOFEM. If you get pregnant while taking LEVOFEM, and decide to continue with your pregnancy, there is no increased risk of the baby being affected in any way.

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    Who should not use it?

    You should not use the LEVOFEM if:

    1. You have had a heart attack, stroke or blood clot in legs or lungs
    2. Your parents or brothers or sisters have had a blood clot in their legs or lungs
    3. You are over 35years old and smoke
    4. You are overweight/obese
    5. You have migraines
    6. You are taking some medications, over-the-counter preparations or herbal remedies. check with your doctor if you are taking regular medication.
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    Who can use it?

    If you are healthy (see who cannot use it?) and do not smoke and if you are breastfeeding a baby 6months or older, you can take LEVOFEM safely for many years.

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    LEVOFEM works and can be 99% effective if used correctly. It is convenient, simple to take and doesn’t interfere with sexual intercourse. You can choose to have periods that are usually lighter and less painful than your usual period or to have no periods at all. Tell the doctor or nurse what option you prefer. It is quickly reversed, such that as soon as you stop taking LEVOFEM you may get pregnant. LEVOFEM also reduces your risk of cancer of the ovary and endometrium (lining of the womb) by 50%.

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    You must remember to take it. LEVOFEM must be taken every day whether you have sex on that day or not. You may have some irregular bleeding for a month or two after starting LEVOFEM. This does not mean the pill is less effective as long as you have not missed pills. If the bleeding continues, keep taking your pill but check with your doctor.

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    Can you get pregnant if you forget to use your pills?

    If you frequently miss pills and if you miss 2 or more pills without any back up plans, then your chances of getting pregnant while on this method is high. Here’s what you can do if you miss pills?

    A. If you missed just one pill: You should take it as soon as you remember, and the next one should be taken at the normal time (or you can take the two pills together). You should afterwards continue to take your pills daily.

    B. If you missed two or more pills in a row: You should take 2 pills as soon as you remember. You should thereafter continue to take your pills daily and during the next 7 days, you must either use a condom or POSTPILL

    If you missed any white pill: You can discard each missed pill so you will know when to start a new pack of LEVOFEM.

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