My name is Justina, I am 19 years old and in my 3rd year in the University. Ade and I have been dating since 1st year, everything about our relationship had been rosy except that I wouldn’t give in to his numerous requests of having sex with me. My friends have mocked me for being a major LEARNER. I didn’t exactly care much until I noticed Ade’s attitude of withdrawal towards our relationship. He stopped checking up on me every day as he used to, I had to call him for us to meet. At some point I got so worried that I was ready to do whatever he wanted. I spent the night in his house over the weekend and we finally did it! It was a bit hurtful and a bit fun. I couldn’t really place the feeling but I was glad that I had pleased Ade and had graduated from the “Learners zone”. Two days after and he still didn’t check up on me daily. what again? I decided to pay him a surprise visit. I barged into his room unannounced and found him in a cosy position with Chika. What? It felt like my head exploded with anger and confusion.

Chika was my course mate who proudly claimed to be capable of having any man she wanted, including the Lecturers and Vice Chancellor. She belonged to a strong clique of friends and she was not someone I could ever contend with. I rushed out in tears and returned to my room. I reminisced on time spent together with Ade, when it occurred to me that we didn’t use a condom. I wasn’t sure if I was on my safe period or not because I never bothered to calculate it.

Immediately, my mind flew to the travails of a single mother, I didn’t want any of that. I was still in school. “How would I carry it about? What would I tell my mom?” Oh! The shame. I wasn’t going to let any of that happen, I had to find a sharp solution to my problem. I got so worried, I had to call someone. I picked up my phone and called my go-to girl, Tope. She always had the solution to everything and just as I thought, she rushed over to my place. 

As soon as Tope entered, she brought out a small pack inscribed POSTPILL from her bag and handed it over to me. What is this? I asked. “It’s the AFTER SEX PILL to ensure you don’t end up pregnant”, she responded. I was glad to know I still had a chance of preventing pregnancy. I opened the pack and found out that it contained one tablet. I got water and swallowed the tablet immediately.

Afterwards, she teased me but told me not to worry any longer but that it was better if I was prepared next time.  Hmm, I was glad to have learnt something only ‘big girls’ knew. To teach me more, she picked up my phone and typed ‘’ on my browser which took me to a world of contraceptives that I had been ignorant of. Then I thought to myself, “where have I been all along”? So many easy ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and I almost fell victim to it. 

Pregnancy would have been a nightmare to me at that point of my life and Tope just saved my life from every kind of. I hugged her and told her she was my angel. I thought of my mum’s usual words when she sends me on errands to strange places ‘When you get there, ask questions yet I went into the strange world of sex without asking questions. When I saw my period, I was so relieved; If not for Tope, who knows, I may have ended up with 9 months of regrets and my future down a different path. Since then, I don’t hesitate to tell all my friends about because I learnt also from the website that it is not good to rely on POSTPILL alone, and to be better prepared. Tope was a Sister Keeper to me and I have been a Sisters Keeper to several other friends.


Youth is the place and time in life to take the right steps and have the right information to help protect your future.  is on social media @honeyandbanana on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Get Informed! #BeSharp! #BeYourSistersKeeper

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