It had been a hectic day at work and I was soo tired, I suddenly raised my head to the direction of the clock. Thankfully it was almost 5pm; time to go home finally! I packed my laptop and carried my handbag down the stairs to outside the building. As I got out, I noticed that a lot of people had also come out, as if everyone couldn’t wait to get home. No, that wasn’t the reason, The main reason was that traffic was building up and so was the queue for bus tickets. I quickly walked fast to take my position on the queue. I got my ticket as number One hundred and fifty, I was the one hundred and fiftyth (150th) person on that queue, and within fifteen minutes, the queue had doubled.

Soon the bus came, and the first 100 people boarded the bus, I was excited to know I would be in the next bus, but it took another forty minutes, and the queue kept growing longer. The next bus came and I boarded. The bus soon filled up and I noticed some particular persons without tickets were pleading to board the bus and sit on the floor or stand. They were willing to pay half the actual fare for this purpose. One of them was a woman with two kids, one child looked less than a year old on her back and another looked a little over two years old. The bus conductor accepted their half payments and they got on the bus . As we drove by, the babies on the bus were crying in turns. One stopped crying and the other would start. The traffic was hectic, We were held up in a spot for about thirty minutes entertained by voices of crying babies and pleas of beggars who were mainly children.

Then I thought to myself, why must there be traffic jam in Lagos? Why should people be standing in buses? Why are there so many unkempt children begging on the streets? Why is it that a woman with two children cannot afford to pay for a ticket and sit comfortably in a bus? Why? Why?

I got an epiphany. Nigeria is Over populated at One hundred and ninety- two million people and Lagos has a major bulk at twenty-one million residents. What exactly is being done to control this  growing population? Is there sufficient communication on contraception and child spacing methods? These questions popped in my head in quick spurts.  I realized that most average to high income families have three children or less. The parents in such families are educated and informed on contraception and child spacing methods.  This implies that the major challenge in controlling population is in informing and educating the low- income population about contraception and child spacing. At this point, I decided to strike a conversation with a woman standing on a pole beside me who i got to know as Mama Dayo. We talked about contraception and child spacing methods I had learnt on I also informed her that sometimes outreaches take place in different health centres where she can get contraception at affordable prices. She was really glad and thanked me as I dropped off at Anthony Bus-stop.

As we mark World’s Population Day today, it is important that everyone takes part in the communication of contraception and child spacing methods. Tell the uninformed around you; tell that market woman you know; that bread seller who always has a baby on her back and everyone who needs to know. has all the details.

If you Know it! Tell it!  #BeYourSistersKeeper

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