“Guys, I met this smokin’ hawt chick Mary yesterday in Ikeja: So sweet in fact her body is banging, her english is like music! Imagine babe was forming ‘I am in a relationship’, by the time I finished unleashing my charm, her brain did factory reset, in fact tonight we go finish the matter”.

Tunde was elaborating while hanging with his guys. As a Lagos big boy that Tunde was, his guys were used to stories of his sexual escapades. His friend Gbenga, kept shaking his head  “Bros, just use protection o. You know say as you single now babes go dey find means to obtain you as husband’. To which Tunde replied ‘Trust your boy na, in fact I get 2 condoms for wallet, 4 for glove compartment and 4 in my laptop bag, your boy is ready for anything, anytime!’.

Later that night, as planned, he met up with Mary, they had a nice date, blah blah blah, the koko is that the babe followed him home, a few moments later they were already playing Ludo in bed. It was sweet because they both kept making funny sounds, and the bed rocked in excitement.

Tunde sha noticed that the kini was becoming sweeter and sweeter with every long stroke, he thought to himself “ah ah, why this tin sweet pass normal?!” before he could say “Jack Robinson, he had released, thinking his condom was still intact. But when he pulled out, he saw that his rubber had burst! After surveying the situation, he says, “Ha!! errmm babe dis condom broke ooo”; her response was epic! ‘Chei! Chei! Gini! you want to kill me abi! I am getting married next week oooo! Biko biko..this can’t happen now! What do I do? Hian! Chei! Gini!’..

The situation might have ended in a total disaster had Tunde not out of resignation, called his Pharmacist sister, Lola who informed him of an emergency contraceptive pill called PostPill. It would have to be taken within 120 hours (5 days) after sex.

They rushed down to the pharmacy and bought Postpill. For a relieved Tunde, a lesson was learnt that day, you can never be too careful and sometimes, the unfortunate happens. It is better to know your options so one can act fast.

Do you want to know more about contraceptive options? Visit  www.honeyandbanana.com/emergency-pills

P.S Tunde didn’t forget to send Mary a congratulatory wedding message the next week!

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