When I read disheartening reports that state that 1.2 million unsafe abortions occur in Nigeria annually, I wonder how many unwanted pregnancies could have been avoided with small contraceptive efforts like daily taking a Levofem oral contraceptive. Small daily efforts can eliminate a lifetime disaster. That consistent minor step may be the difference between life and death, peace of mind or turmoil.

The fear of mosquitoes and malaria is the beginning of ‘sleeping under the net wisdom’. I have two small children and no night goes by without our sleeping under the net because I cannot take chances that may cause my children to succumb to malaria or any illness. Once upon a time, my older child fell ill. It cost me my time, my peace of mind and of course, my money. Not to mention my husband’s displeasure at my ‘’carelessness’’. After that experience, I swore to become a more careful mother and sleep under a treated net.

A relative of mine had an interesting way of interpreting the idiomatic expression, ‘once bitten, twice shy’. He would say, ‘First fool no be fool, but second fool? Na im be the real proper fool. Emphasis on ‘real’.  I had become a fool to Malaria’s torture before; I will not be a fool again. So every night, I set up my mosquito treated net and all my family members sleep under it. It might seem like too much work; but I will take daily setting up my mosquito net over taking my children to hospital to be treated for malaria. Prevention is better than cure, Abeg!

If millions of women can make a small daily effort of taking a Levofem pill, they can avoid unwanted pregnancy. Levofem daily contraceptive pill is used by smart women to prevent pregnancy. It is safe, has a low dose, highly reliable and comes with minimal side effects. It is completely reversible and you can get pregnant as soon as you stop taking Levofem.

Why would any woman enter the brouhaha of unwanted pregnancy when she has the option of avoiding it daily by using a contraceptive like Levofem.

So join me in being a more disciplined person. Don’t make the mistake of becoming a victim of unwanted pregnancy when all you need to do daily is just take one Levofem oral contraceptive pill. Avoid becoming a statistic in the millions of Nigerian women who are victims of unwanted pregnancy. Be smart and start your Levofem regimen today!

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