“You have no idea how much you have helped me; Toyin said to me” Toyin and I go way back and we were almost mistaken to be sisters. Toyin is in a relationship with Olu who has been in Germany for some time. However, they had both vowed to keep the relationship sex-free until marriage; they had everything all planned. However one day, Olu visited Toyin in the middle of the year after almost 2years since the last time he saw her and the love birds came alive. They toured, they grooved, they spent all the time together and then one thing led to another, they broke the rules. They had sex. Hey! Toyin was scared! Not just because she broke the rules but because she could not get pregnant as she was not ready for it now. “What was she going to do now? She can’t afford to nurse a pregnancy or a baby while in school, not in her final year!” While Olu, he was still job searching and had been for several months “Chai! Katakata don shele”

The morning after sex, Olu rushed out to catch up with an appointment for a job interview while Toyin sat there, pale and tense. Before now, she didn’t see any need to know about contraceptives because she believed she was in control and Olu was so far away and they would play according to the rules. But since it had happened this way, she concluded she was doomed. Then she called me to inform me of her upcoming doom, and just like that events turned around. Quickly, I recommended Postpill to her. At the speed of light, Toyin rushed out and bought it at the closest pharmacy.

Postpill is an emergency contraceptive pill or after sex pill that should be taken as soon as possible, but not later than 120hours after unprotected sex. It is an effective, safe, affordable and quality medicine and can easily be gotten at any pharmacy near you

After Toyin had taken Postpill, she saw her period at her usual time and her fears were put to rest. Using Postpill helped her avoid the dangerous consequences of unplanned sex. You could help someone with this information; why not share this article today?

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