Recently, I visited a wholesale supermarket to get some provisions. I usually patronize this supermarket because I get a lot of bargain buys. Imagine my rude shock when I went to purchase some items for my children and got a bill of N11, 480. I only bought; one tin of Cereal, one pack of diapers (thank God both of them wear the same diaper size) and three tins of baby milk). These five items landed me a bill of N11, 480! I thought about returning some items but which one will I return. Is it the baby milk, the Cereal or the diapers? My daughters must eat and shit? I did not buy toys or shoes or dresses, although they may be essential in some cases. Just food and diapers and I am paying N11, 480.

Na wah o!

I don’t know how those people on the minimum wage are surviving in this recession era. I don’t know how they take care of their children. Which creative techniques are they using to survive or thrive? Me, I don tire abeg.

My last three visits to the same supermarket got me thinking deeply. At the baby section, one woman was on her mobile phone reeling out the prices on each baby brand. Apparently, the new price tags on her preferred baby brand had exceeded her budget so she was left to using alternatives. From her responses on the mobile phone, her caller was equally expressing shock at the new prices of baby products. It’s like ‘One Day, One Price’. Jesus Christ, deliver us from evil, Abeg!

During another shopping visit, a woman was looking at the prices of food items and just started laughing. Laughter was her own way of dealing with the shocking new prices on food, provisions and other household items.  It was comical to an extent. For her, laughing in the face of gloomy shopping experiences was better than crying. After laughing at the price tags, her only comment was, ‘CHANGE! CHANGE!  God go help us. I reiterated as I watched the scene, ‘Yes O! God go help us!

Mentally speaking, the economic recession is enough to send any woman over the edge. I am serious! If you regularly shop for your family, you will begin to dread going to the market for fear of getting unfriendly prices to products.

Intelligently speaking, this is not a time to be saddled with the burden of unwanted pregnancy. An intelligent behavior like using Sayana Press, the three month contraceptive injection can be the saving grace in this time of economic ‘abundance’. I cannot imagine what the laughing woman would do if she found out that another uninvited mouth was on the way (in the name of unwanted pregnancy). That can be a further push over the edge! One injection of Sayana Press every three months can give you the peace of mind and wisdom to plan your family and life in this dispensation of depression.

Be wise. Get your Sayana Press

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