“From the first time that I set my eyes on you baby I was stuck on you, omo me I’ll come for you, make my body come for you, all for you…Call me Mr romantic…”

If you’re familiar with this song by Korede Bello, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what romance means. However, the definition of romance these days seems to have many meanings – To a woman, romance may mean the love and affection from a lover. To a man, romance may mean sex and all the roads leading to it. To an alcoholic, romance may mean drinking one bottle of beer for longer than normal. Whatever the case may be, this post will address the real definition of romance.

Let’s start with the definition, what is Romance? Romance is one’s deep and strong emotional desire to connect with another person intimately or romantically. Human beings have this natural inclination to form bonds with one another, through verbal or non-verbal gestures.

Basically, the idea behind romance is “thoughtfulness” – a small gift when least expected, kind words, little favors, etc. Romance is best when you are creative. If you know your partner doesn’t like flowers, don’t buy her flowers, instead get her a lovely book or something if she’s a reader. Make an effort to sustain that relationship by getting to know each other better, but respect each others SPACE!


Essentials of Romance

Attraction: You need to be attracted to your partner all round. That includes the physical aspect, the intellectual aspect, and the emotional aspect. You have to be on the same page by sharing goals and visions with each other. Chemistry!

Be friends: There’s nothing better than having a partner who is your friend, someone you can rely on and talk to about everything!

Communication: Speak mindfully, listen attentively. Nothing’s more cosy that having a kind and gentle partner.

Adventure: Routine is one killer of romance (doing the same thing over and over again). You both need to get out there and venture into the unknown together, take travels, eat out, visit friends and family, leave your comfort zone. Make out in the woods, do dress-ups, all that will make you guys feel like you just started seeing each other.

Trust: Trust is everything! Being able to vouch for your partner not to do anything that will hurt you is important. Trust affects everything from finances to interpersonal relationships.


Some of The Props That Can Boost Romance

Location: Restaurants that serve your favorite foods may be your best hangout spots to talk and dine over aspects of life that affect you both.

Gifts: No matter how little, gifts never get old. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item. Maybe if you passed by the shoe store, and you remembered your partner complained about her pair of shoes, getting a new one will go a long way without her asking.

Airports: Nothing’s more exciting than knowing you will be on the next plane to one of your favorite locations be it the Bahamas, the Caribbean, etc.

Some of you will be like “Who romance don epp in this recession?!” But I bet there are a lot of people who still know how to spice things up. However the case may be, stay sharp and know that Honey & Banana’s got your back 😉


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