“I have cried for the very last time, I can’t keep letting the pains of my yesterday get the better part of me, I have lost too much to let go again”, I was lying in bed soliloquizing while reminiscing on my previous relationships which always brought me nothing but pain. How can I ever trust a guy again when anytime I think I am putting efforts in the relationship, my efforts always get thrown back in my face. My past relationships, I had done four abortions and who knows I might still keep it coming but my new guy-Tunji said he would never hurt me like other guys. Isn’t that what they all say?

Yes, Tunji is my latest boyfriend as my mother would say, “heartbreaks are a part of life and that shouldn’t stop one from getting into another relationship but makes one wiser in the next”. So, I am only taking her advice and giving Tunji a chance to prove himself but this time around I need a guarantee.

And just as though the angels listened, Tunji proved himself worthy, we didn’t have any sexual activity until the tenth month and yet he never complained but told me he totally understood and he would wait till I was ready. Our relationship was envied by friends who thought there was something wrong with him but I didn’t mind because I knew this was what I wanted.

Tunji showered me with enough love to last a lifetime, calls, text messages, he always showed up when I wanted him to then the gifts were just an icing on the cake. Of course, I made sure to also reciprocate but one thing was for sure, I loved him and he sure loved me back.

When I finally felt I was ready for sex, we used a condom but I wanted more and Tunde told me I needed to get on a contraception method and get tested. I was surprised at first, but he told me he would get tested too. When the results came, we were negative and he told me it was now my turn to get on a contraceptive method. You won’t believe Tunde went with me, we talked to the doctor about it and he counseled me on the various methods and I finally decided to get on the daily pill, Levofem.

At first, remembering to take my pills was not so easy and I almost stopped taking them but I didn’t because I wanted a method that would always allow me to see my period monthly. Tunji then decided to take it upon himself to always call to remind me to take my pill and he even helped set a reminder on my phone as well. Now, I’m a pro and I dot miss my pills.

Since I started taking Levofem, the peace of mind is incredible and I am in a better place mentally and emotionally with Tunde than I was in my past relationships. We are taking it slow and no matter what happens tomorrow or next or even in months to come, I am sure I am coming out of this relationship, healthy, smarter and without any worries about pregnancy or the risk of having an unsafe abortion.

Relationships involve two people and not just the woman and when it comes to sex, men should always take responsibility by using a condom or support their woman to ensure she gets a method. It shouldn’t just be left for the lady. My previous relationships were selfish and careless but my present relationship is what I always dreamed of. Tunji is the kind of man every guy should emulate. Be the kind of man that supports his partner, the man that would not risk the life of his partner with unsafe abortions and unplanned pregnancies.

This is the story of how Tunji helped rescue me from my ignorance with Levofem. I hope your partner can be as selfless as mine and if your partner wants to be just as caring as my Tunji, then go and see your doctor today.

 Levofem is my contraceptive option, what is yours?


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