By Reni Fajemisin

Last Friday, I and Chidi were at it again, humping away like rabbits. It’s not always like this every day, some weeks even, no sex, then some days ehn, it’s a marathon. I want to say I trust Chidi ooo, I do but this one doesn’t mean I do anything with him without using a condom. Chidi is a fine boy, but me sef, I no carry last in a beauty competition. Every time we use a condom, it’s always the same argument, “let’s try it without condom just once”, and I’m like, “just once can put someone in trouble. “

Another thing Chidi is always disturbing about is to move in with him, but me ehn, I will rather stay in my hostel jeje. I cannot be doing unofficial marriage in the university like some of my room mates are doing. Anyway, one day, all these my good plans failed. I swear, I don’t know what came into my head, next thing I knew I was agreeing to no condoms but a pull out game. I mean I didn’t even process anything at that time, it was just a matter of let this enjoyment not end. I think my brain did not boot or something. He pulled out at the last minute, but when I got home I could feel stickiness as if some sperm had leaked in. I swallowed my fear and just moved on.

Anyway, the following day, I decided to try another wild move, me Cynthia, I was going to surprise him in his house. As in, romantic gal like me! I just want to try this sleep-over something and see how it goes, that’s all.

I got to his door around 8pm and knocked, he didn’t even ask who was there. He was speaking on the phone when he opened the door and he froze. Next thing I heard one gal’s voice from inside the room ask him, “Chidi darling, who’s there, is it the Sharwama guy?” I pushed him aside and walked into the room, vibrating like 1000 volts of electricity was passing through my brain. See this gal from nowhere, lying across the bedsheet I bought with my money, wearing bum shots and a tank top and looking as if we planned the sleep-over together. I turned around, gave Chidi the hottest slap I could find and stormed out of the room.

This is it; am in trouble, see what carelessness has caused. It was like my brain did a reset and all the romance flew out as I rushed back to school. Pregnancy was calling and it sounds like my name was on its lips.

My heart was beating so fast, I had to stop on the way and hold something. I called my best friend and cried my heart out about Chidi’s betrayal. I don’t know when I started confessing that I had sex without a condom the day before. My bestie said “Cynthia, hang up now and look for a pharmacy before they close”. Just ask them for POSTPILL and take it this night.

I think on another day, I would have been embarrassed to buy this medicine, but that day, if someone had told me to buy it from my pastor’s pharmacy I would have found a way. I couldn’t believe there was something like POSTPILL that I could still use after sex to prevent pregnancy, I didn’t even know that was possible. I saw my period like two weeks after and I think I was on Cloud 9 that day. My Happiest Menstrual period ever!!! Chidi was begging me during those two weeks and I didn’t answer him. The day I saw my period, instead I called him and told him I was pregnant, see how his face changed, if he was Oyinbo, he would have turned white. I walked away from him and he never called me again. When we see in school, I can see him checking my stomach out. Be sharp, my sisters, if you’re ever in my dilemma, don’t wait for any funny story to happen, just get your POSTPILL quickly.

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