What’s the relationship Between Sayana Press and a Beer Parlour?

An interesting event occurred in Ibadan, Oyo state recently. DKT Medical Sales Representative Olaitan, was distributing contraceptive supplies to a pharmacy when an onlooker became curious as to the contents of a white and navy-blue box labelled Sayana Press. The pharmacist jokingly responded, ‘’Sayana Press contains what will make your life more pleasurable’ Once you take it, your health is protected from any unwanted pregnancy for three months.’’ The onlooker who turned out to be the owner of a nearby beer parlour responded. ‘’Really! Then I want Sayana Press so I can delay pregnancy for three months. Who no like better thing?’’ She invited Olaitan immediately to her beer parlour and he quickly summoned a nearby *DKT Bee to come and inject Sayana Press on the woman.

While the DKT Bee was administering Sayana Press on the Beer Parlour owner, her employees who were young ladies became curious as to what their boss was being injected with. The Beer parlour owner excitedly told them she was being administered with a contraceptive method that will give her peace of mind for three months. The DKT Bee subsequently explained the benefits of contraception and Sayana Press to these young girls and twelve of them immediately opted for the Sayana Press injection.

Unplanned events like these reveal that family planning is a vital health service that needs to be buttressed and communicated in the right language, when given a chance and right opportunity. DKT Nigeria staff have become everyday contraceptive opportunists and create amazing family planning experiences for the people they run into during the course of their duties.

*DKT Bees are Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) engaged by DKT Nigeria to provide contraceptives/Family Planning services in their community.

Be a Family Planning Advocate today!


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