Unplanned pregnancy can be worrisome and destabilising. Most especially in this economy – one has to be prepared for such a huge financial commitment.

Pregnancy prevention is a deliberate process and not one that relies on your partner “withdrawing.”

With so many birth control methods to choose from, choosing the right one for you is as easy as ABC. Condoms (male and female), the daily pill, IUDs, contraceptive injections etc. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle. The Pill for example requires that one takes a pill a day; for some women who lead very busy lives or are forgetful, this may not be sustainable. For such women, the  Sayana press contraceptive injection that keeps you covered for 13 weeks will be more sustainable.

Sayana Press is an effective contraceptive injection option  for you if unplanned pregnancy is not on your laundry list. And here are a few more things you should know about Sayana Press.

  1.  Sayana Press is a pre-filled, easy-to-use,  lower dose, contraceptive injection that is given every 3 months. It comes with a very small needle that makes the process less painful for women. Sayana Press is  fast, simple and private.
  2. SAYANA PRESS is injected into the skin of the front upper thigh or abdomen (away from your navel). You can start on the first day of your menstrual period and be protected immediately. Or you can choose to start this contraceptive injection any day you want, once it is confirmed that you are not already pregnant (do a pregnancy test) but you would need to use a condom for the first 7 days.
  1.  The efficacy level of Sayana Press is very high at  99.9%. Therefore for preventing pregnancy, Sayana Press is a good option.
  2.  Common side effects to expect while on Sayana Press  injection include menstrual changes, such as irregular bleeding or spotting, nausea, abdominal discomfort, headache and dizziness, weight gain, weight loss and no menstrual flow. Some of these side effects are temporary and may be gone after 2 or 3 shots. Some women may experience these side effects while others will not.
  1.   While using Sayana Press, not seeing your period is not a sign of ill health or pregnancy, but a very common side effect. When you stop using Sayana Press your periods will return to normal in a few months.


  • Feyi

    May wil make it a year since i see my period last.. Since o started sayana press… N i have taken it 3 times now… Is that normal too.. Not seeing period for almost a year?

    • admin

      Hi Feyi, Sorry for the delayed response. It is normal for some women to stop seeing their period when they start using sayana press. It is part of the side effects but regardless, it is not a thing to be worried about. Your period will return back to normal few weeks or months after you stop using sayana press.

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