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05 December, 2023 HASSAN USMAN


In a significant stride towards advancing reproductive health and family planning initiatives in Northern Nigeria, the DKT Nigeria team hosted stakeholders in Kano to engage in meaningful dialogue, foster collaboration, and strengthen the collective commitment to empowering communities through family planning. Stakeholders included elder statesmen, religious leaders (Ulamas), healthcare professionals within the state, and other family planning-focused social marketing organizations within the country. 

The goal of this meeting was to gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding family planning in Kano. These insights would provide a deeper understanding of the cultural nuances prevalent in the state which would guide the formation of culturally relevant and effective strategies. Central to the visit was the recognition of the importance of local perspectives. Community leaders and influencers played a pivotal role in discussions, sharing their experiences and contributing valuable insights to the conversation around reproductive health, child spacing, and how to alleviate the pressures on women in the community. Empowering these local voices is integral to fostering sustainable and community-driven family planning solutions and acceptance. 

The DKT team led by the Country Director, Mr. Vasilis Katsikakis echoed the sentiments of a female Islamic Scholar who was in attendance, to call for joint efforts from men and women in the community to embrace child spacing and family planning methods. The Commercial Director, Mr. Macaulay Gory, shared with those present DKT’s commitment to champion this cause in Kano, reminding them of the 48,000 IUD donation made to the state earlier in the year. 

In conclusion, stakeholders present expressed willingness to champion this cause within their communities and kickstart conversations that would drive the adoption of a contraceptive method. It is clear that this was more than a meeting; it was a pledge by all present to work hand in hand towards a future where every family can plan towards a healthier and empowered life through child spacing and embracing family planning methods. The echoes of this collaborative effort are anticipated to resonate far beyond the visit, impacting communities and lives in profound ways.