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01 February, 2023 Jayty


Ade is my perfect tall, dark, handsome guy, a smooth talker with a baritone voice. He also has soft hair, probably because he relaxes it sha…but that’s not the point. He was indeed my crown. Let me take you back to my undergrad days, the days before my Ade.

Being an undergraduate, I was free as I schooled far from my parents, so, I had a lot of uncensored sex, but with sense sha. Though sex wasn’t frequent, I could not risk falling pregnant, so I used only POSTPILL when I fail to use a condom.
But now, with my current boo, Ade, whom I live with because his place is closer to my office, we jiggy on a constant! You know now, body no be firewood, especially when the weather decides to switch to “weather for two”.
With these frequent exercises, I couldn’t keep taking POSTPILL. I remember when I had a pregnancy scare, chai, I think I almost fell sick from the thought alone. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said no more sex or the times, I’ve said we’ll use a condom all to no avail.

And losing Ade is also not on my present to-do list, I don’t want him thinking I can’t take care of myself at my age. If I could pass through the university without any hiccups, I’m meant to be smarter now, but I knew something was missing. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to figure out what was missing with a post she tagged me in on a page called honeyandbanana
At first, I wondered what it was all about but after going through the page, I discovered it was about different contraceptive methods. It was as though my “Chi” was talking to me. I sent a DM with all my questions, got satisfactory replies, and was referred to a clinic close to my office to get a method.

The doctor at the clinic was quite friendly and asked questions, which helped me in choosing the method that suits me perfectly and it didn’t even take as long as I thought; I went during my lunch break.
Well, fast forward to this day, I now have constant sex and spontaneous sex, lol, but without fear of unplanned pregnancy. So, no more pregnancy scares because I have upgraded to Levoplant.

Yes, Levoplant. It is a contraceptive implant that is inserted into the upper arm to prevent pregnancy for 3 years and I am rocking it with so much confidence, best part?  I can remove it whenever I am ready to have a baby, next year, this year… and nobody knows I’m on it except I tell them.

Yea, this is the story of how Levoplant upgraded me! What are you waiting for, go get your upgrade!

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