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01 February, 2023 Jayty


Have you ever heard of fairy tales? Do you believe they exist? Well, don’t take my word for it but they do, you are probably wondering why I am not urging you to believe in it. Well, as they say, we all can’t get it all, the only thing I hold on to most in life is the memories that trigger whenever I think of my first experience into womanhood. Is that the right way to put it? Or would I say the first time I started to believe in fairytales? 
It all started with a thought then it led to dreams and more dreams and even more dreams but of course this didn’t just pop out of the blues. It was all as a result of watching some foreign movies and of course reading foreign novels, sex-related movies, and novels of course. I was fast maturing and was getting all the attention from guys, but I was still a virgin and not just a virgin but the very real deal kind of virgin. Every part of me was still as innocent as a lamb.  
My friends always talked about their sexcapades even the novels and movies helped in reminding me more about how much and how fast I needed to have sex. At this point, I felt even the universe was begging me to give up my flower.
Now even more than ever, I wanted to be the character I read about in the novels, I didn’t just want to read it, I wanted to live it. Now more than ever, I wanted to explore, even more, I wondered how my first time would be but all I know is I wanted it to be just like I read in the novels. It seemed quite easy when it was all in my head, but I wondered how it would all play out with the boo. Yes, I had a boo, the very boo of my dreams, we were both in the same class. Jason, he was what I call TDHH, Yes, my very own Tall, Dark, Handsome and Hot.

What better person to help me with my sexual fantasies? He was just too perfect or is it his voice? That baritone voice of his that almost made me cum multiple times, his smile that always sent goosebumps all over me? His perfect set of teeth? I could go on and on, but I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish this piece, so let me just try to stay sober for now.
In short, Jason was the guy every mother warned their daughter against, but my stubborn self wouldn’t just listen, all I could see is Jason being my bottle opener. Now the plan is to get him to do it, I felt I was ready, I wanted sex even more whenever I saw him, not to talk of his laughter, even his perfume was intoxicating, I just had to do it now.
I finally decided to tell my friends that I was ready to be a woman, they were so excited that they started giving me tips on what to do and what to expect and they knew who I wanted to do it with, who else but the boo of my dreams, Jason. I called him up and told him I was finally ready, and he could pop my cherry at his convenient time. He was surprised and kept asking if I was sure but as a guy, he was also excited and fixed a date at a luxurious suite the very next week. Yes, a luxurious suite, did I fail to tell you that Jason was also from a rich home? Well, he was, now there was nothing that could make my fairytale any less.
I had to buy a short white gown that said everything but be gentle on me, my lipstick was pepper red and I was indeed ready to pepper him any way he wanted it, my smile said confidence because I thought my friend’s talk was just enough and I already felt like a pro. After dinner, we went into the room and he already had chocolates waiting for me, RnB songs were playing from a speaker, the lights were dim, the atmosphere was just saying ‘you better not back out now, in fact, the whole room had the scent of sex.
I went to sit on the bed, Jason followed suit and before I knew it the chocolates were almost gone, and then it happened, Jason kissed me, at first, I withdrew but before I knew it, I leaned forward, and we went on and on. It was my first kiss and I was loving every part of it, he held me even closer and at that moment, I couldn’t think, I felt my soul was gone together with my lips all to Jason.
The slow and short kisses turned into fast and long kisses then it transcended to smooches, he was good with his hands, but I had to pause it to run into the shower. By the time I was back he was waiting for me in bed with nothing but his briefs. At this point, I felt I was an actress in one of the movies I watched, I made for the bed and we pressed play to our movie and before I knew it, he was trying to get in, it was initially painful that I had to turn my face, I didn’t want him to see the pain on my face but he turned my face back to him and he gave me a look which made me a bit relaxed and with this, I made a loud shout and he was in.

I don’t want to go deep into the whole gist but what I know is it wasn’t as painful as I heard, and the blood wasn’t as much as I expected but I think I couldn’t get up the next day, probably out of too much excitement or the pain in my thighs. I just laid in bed with my eyes closed when I felt a kiss on my cheek. That kind of kiss brought me back to reality and a smile appeared out of nowhere. Now, I was a woman, I said to myself, and the previous day was one to never forget. The day I lost my virginity to the man of my dreams, the first day I had sex.
Well, that is how I still imagined it in my head because I was still single, and didn’t you notice when I said ‘man of my dreams? Yes, Jason was my classmate, but I have never even summoned the courage to speak to him, it was all in my head, a fiction but at least he existed in my little world and I felt like a fairytale princess. So, for the first time I have sex, in reality, I still await.
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